Covid and You: A Year in Review

2020. The Winter of our Discontent. How was it for you?

This year has pretty much all been about Covid (with a little sprinkling of Brexit on top). Our event themes this year have been heavily influenced by the pandemic. A short while ago we asked the Shed Time community to share with us their experience of the personal impact it has had.

Hands Face Space

In our winter event we’ll be speaking to a few people to get their reflections and we’ll have a short look together at the results of the questionnaire we sent out during the second UK Lockdown. We’ll follow that by breaking into smaller online groups to give everyone the opportunity to share their experiences, and maybe to offer advice. Each of these groups will have a (pre-arranged) host to help guide the conversation, and nobody is under any obligation to share anything.

The event will be held on Zoom. For details of how to attend the free event, email the Shed Time team.

Looking forward to seeing you on the call.

P.S. It’s Shed Time, so even though we can’t meet in person, traditions must be respected. Therefore, please come armed with a good beer (or a cheap glass of wine) and your favourite snacks.