Stirred, not Shaken — Men and Emotions

The latest event was held in September 2016. The guest speaker is a professional psychotherapist working extensively with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties or who simply feel stuck in their circumstances.

Shaken, not stirred

He offered some suggestions on the theme of being stirred, not shaken, when it comes to our feelings. Men can have difficulty and discomfort venturing into ‘emotional territory’ and spending time with our feelings. He dispelling the feeling that men can feel more than just hungry. He showed how men who are in touch with what is going on in the inside can live with more passion, freedom and satisfaction. They can have a greater positive influence in their relationships and be more at ease with the world around them.

He suggested that men can grow in emotional literacy by using the four Rs :

  • Registering. Register that something is happening.
  • Recognise. Label the emotion.
  • Reflect. What does that feeling do to me.
  • Respond. In a way that satisfies the emotion and engages creatively to the problem or opportunity.

He offered this strategy for mastering their emotional health :

  • Men can exercise courage when working with emotions. To really tackle the challenges that hold them back, men must attend to their emotional world and overcome the stigma to showing weakness.
  • We can invest in good, safe relationships with people we trust.
  • We need to use our power and influence well. We should support other men. We should also know our boundaries, and connect our friends to the services around them.

Listen to the full talk here.