The (Over-) Expectant Father

From absent fathers to helicopter parents, the way we act out our role as fathers and grandfathers has an enormous impact on our children.

Over-Expectant Father

The latest Shed Time event took the format of an informal panel interview with three fathers from our community, the Reverend Richard Jones, Mark Landon and Graham Lee.

In the first half the panel shared their experiences of growing up; their father’s role (or absence) in their upbringing, the expectations that were felt, the impact it had on them and the way all these things influenced shaped their thinking about how to be a father.

This was followed by a look at them as fathers; an honest reflection on what they’ve tried to put into practice to be the best dad possible, together with instances of where they feel they fell short of the mark.

Fathers strive to create a lasting, positive legacy with their children and a lot of the experience and advice shared resonated with those in the room. It left much food for thought on how we can further enhance the relationships with those we love.