Laughter is the Best Medicine

Shed Time is back with another event to lift the spirits and bring us closer together as a community. It’s pure entertainment, all the way.

We’re kicking things off with a special fusion of magic and comedy, courtesy of Steve Legg, founder of Sorted magazine. Paul Daniels commented, “Great comedy and great magic”, and if his act is good enough for Paul, it’s good enough for us.

This will be followed by a spot of comedy courtesy of Andy Kind, someone Tim Vine has described as “A very funny man”. The whole thing will be compèred by Marcus Speller, presenter of The Football Ramble, so you’re in for a comedy treat.

Doubtless at this point your head is buzzing with questions and a thirst to find out more, so to that end…

Q: When is it?
A: Friday, 18 September 2020, from 6pm (sharp) until 7.30pm.

Q: That’s earlier than usual…why’s that?
A: Because this event is being held outside, and it starts to get dark at around 7.30pm.

Q: Outside you say…that’s a deviation from past form
A: Correct and right. It’s being held outside on the grass bank of the Dell Centre, just next to St. Giles’ Church. If you don’t fancy standing or sitting on the grass, please bring a camping chair or picnic blanket.

Q: Why the change?
A: So we can conform to the Government’s Social Distancing regulations for events. We’ll have suitable social distancing measures in place. You’ll have to sit suitably distanced from other people, but if you come with members of your bubble, you can all sit together.

Q: But what if it rains?
A: The show will go on (unless there’s thunder, lightning and tropical storms), so if the weather looks iffy, bring a brolly or one of those pac-a-macs you purchased for your Duke of Edinburgh expedition but haven’t worn since.

Q: Will there be all the usual trappings of a Shed Time event provided like beer, wine, BBQ and, er, toilets?
A: We aren’t allowed to provide food and drink, so please bring your own drinks and snacks (alcohol is fine), but please take your rubbish home with you afterwards. As to the toilet, there will be one available but you are only permitted to use it in exceptional circumstances, and evidence of dire need will be required (e.g. a wet patch).

Q: How much does all this loveliness cost?
A: Just like the NHS, it’s free at the point of need, but tickets are limited to a strict 90, and it’s on a first-come-first served basis, so please sign up here to reserve your ticket.

Q: Who can come?
A: As with all Shed Time events, this is a community event for men only. You’ll also have to be 18 or over to attend this particular one.

Q: Anything else I should bear in mind?
A: We’ll have a queueing system in place to get everyone into the venue safely. Please arrive any time after 5.30pm and don’t forget your mask (as we can’t admit you without one). We’ll have hand sanitiser on hand at the entrance too.

Q: Where do I sign up?
A: The booking form is on the St. Giles’ and St. George’s website.